Unable to delete line items on my purchase invoice


I entered a number of lines in one purchase invoice but it looks like it is corrupte , how can I delete the whole invoice . I have tried using the delete button at the bottom but it does not work for this one invoice. please help.


I had something similar to this a short time ago and I found that by coming right out of Manager and going back in it seemed to be OK. Hoping this might work for you.


Just wait a little while until the whole form loads. There is a performance issue when you have a lot of line items on single transaction which will prevent you to edit it or delete it straight away. Just leave it for a minute or two and then Delete button will work.


thanks for the response . I have tried both recommendations but no luck.


Send your accounting file to and specify which purchase invoice you have trouble with. Perhaps there is another issue.


I can’t seem to be able to email the accounting file.


What have you tried? Simply click Backup button to save the file on your desktop or somewhere and then email it.