Editing large purchase invoice too slow

I had done up a purchase invoice with 50+ items on it, which I’ve found slows Manager down quite a bit. I have an AMD Fx-8350 (8 core CPU) and 8GB of DDR3 RAM, so I feel the software is at fault for the slowdown, not my system.

Invoices with too many lines items will become significantly slow to edit because with 50 line items, you will end up with hundreds of fields on single form. When lazy-loading of form controls is implemented, this won’t be an issue anymore. Do you often enter invoices with so many line items?

Yes, because I have many different inventory items which need to be kept track of. How far off is lazy-loading in your roadmap? At this point I still consider multiple currencies to be my most desire feature, but better handling of long invoices would be the second most important thing to me.

Other than those two things, this software has pretty much everything I need at this point. I wanted to switch to a hosted service, so I tried QuickBooks Online to see if it would be any better for me. After a couple of days of moving data over, and learning the interface, I decided to go with Manager Cloud, because your handling of inventory is much nicer, and I prefer the interface. Thanks again for the software and the wonderful customer support!

I’ve noticed the very same problem… Are you any closer to fixing this?