Unable to Delete Payment

Hi! I hope all is well.

I am trying to delete a pending payment that is linked to a purchase invoice but I am unable to. It just freezes at the point when i click on the delete button. Could this be a bug? I then have to force quit the application and all is back to normal. But the transaction remains undeleted.

I have version 17.7.8

Thanks for your help.


what exactly are you trying to delete? the unpaid purchase invoice or the payment made towards the purchase invoice?

please provide screenshots of how you are doing it.

Hi Sharpdrivetek,

I am attempting to delete the payment made towards the purchase invoice. I go into Cash accounts, on one of the accounts there the column Pending withdrawals, then edit the payment, and then click delete at the bottom. Then it just freezes. I can’t do anything else.


For Now… Try to Change the Payment Amount to be “ZERO”…
I know Its not a perfect solution. But Its a temporary solution.

it is showing under Pending withdrawals because you have set the Status as Pending when you recorded the payment.

Edit the payment and set the status to Cleared and update it. Then edit again and Delete.

I do not know why Manager freezes. But usually you can delete the payment without any hassle.

Also, check if you have set a lock date under Settings in Manager. If you have set it then transactions prior to that date cannot be modified.

Thank you AaiRIz. Yes this works too. As long as the transaction is not visible anywhere, I guess that’ll do. But please, Manager group, do fix this issue.

Thank you for your help.

Yes that could work too. But, yes, you’re right, this should be deleted without any hassle. It’s probably a bug.

Just as long as Manager Group is aware of this.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

it is not a bug. it is working fine. maybe its something related to your data. anyway try updating to the latest version. I am not using the same version as yours so i do not know if the problem is specific to the version you are using.

Oh really? Well I do have allot of data and several accounts for that matter. Anyway, will update the software as per your recommendation.


@Kareem, covering up a problem by changing the amount to zero is not a good idea. If you could not delete a payment, there is a reason and that must be fixed or it will surely arise to cause problems later. And changing status to Cleared before deleting is not the answer, either.

We need to know more about the situation to diagnose the trouble. But this aspect of Manager is well settled. There is no bug here. There is some problem with the way you have entered things. Let’s figure that out or you will likely run into the same situation in the future.

Show some screen shots to illustrate the issue. People will help.

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Hi @Tut. Thank you for your input.

As per the recommendation of the kind gentle people above, I had already changed the amount to zero, so as much as I would like to share a screenshot, I don’t have anything to show at this point.

However, after having read your comment, I went back to the account and the transaction was still there, pending, but the amount was zero and was still linked to its corresponding purchase invoice.

I then re-entered the amount, updated it, and then re-edit it to delete it again only this time it was successful.

I can’t explain why this happened, but I can safely say that this issue is solved. So this transaction is no longer there, just as it should be.

If this situation repeats itself I will come back to this forum so we can work out why this is happening.

Thank you for giving your time to this issue. :slightly_smiling_face: