Unable to delete chart of accounts

I have an erroneous account in my chart of accounts. It has an expense header that is “Wages & salaries”. When edited, the sub title “Wages & salaries” appears. It does not appear as in the drop down selection list when keying in expenses. I am also unable to delete this chart of accounts.

It is currently useless and sitting in my profit and loss statement without an entry.

Appreciate any help and idea to solve this.

Thank you very much.

The gray subtext indicates this is a control account, generated automatically when a corresponding tab was enabled and a subaccount was created. As long as you have that subaccount, the control account will appear. You cannot delete it. You can only rename it.

In this case, Wages & salaries appeared because you have at least one employee in the Employees tab. You apparently renamed it as System default. Get rid of the employee and the account will disappear on its own.

Of course, if there have been transactions via pay slips allocated to the account, it won’t disappear. Nothing goes away that has been used.

Thank you very much!
Worked exactly like you said!