Deleting accounts in Chart of accounts

I’m creating a chart of accounts for a new company, but can find no way to delete expense or income accounts that are there by default but that I don’t need.

all you do is go to settings, then chart of accounts and select edit next to any income or expense account. Then you can either rename the account to something more appropriate or select the delete button at the bottom of the page!

That’s the problem. There is no delete button. Just an “Update” button. And if I edit the name field to a null value, the original name is restored when I click on the Update button.

What is the name of the account you are trying to delete?

Work in progress - movement

Also Fees from work in progress.

Ah, I see. Some accounts are undelete-able! Accounts that I made can be deleted, but the accounts created by the program cannot be, I guess?

These are control accounts which are automatically added to your Chart of Accounts if you have enabled Billable Time tab. They cannot be deleted. The only way to make them disappear is to disable Billable Time module.

I see. Thanks for the assistance!

HI! How can we delete the billable time module? Thanks!

If you have not made any billable time entries, go to Customize. Uncheck the Billable Time module and click Update. But if you have made entires, you cannot delete it, because that would involve deleting some accounting records.


Thank you!