Anyone have this Display Issue?

I seem to report two expense accounts titled as follows; Wages & salaries, Wages and Salaries.

Problem is I only created one (Wages and Salaries), and can’t seem to remember when the other one manifested on my Income Statement. I have scoured my chart of accounts and it firmly informs that I have two such expense accounts as shown below.

However, when I try to edit the interloping account (Wages & salaries), there is no delete button, just the update one.

Still, I literally have no transactions attached to such an account; in fact, I just recently did a clean re-install of Manager including my business itself. I wonder, could this issue be unique only to me or are there others with the same quandary?

One account is in-built and it will show if you have any earnings categories using that account under Payslip Items in Settings tab.

So check your Payslip Items first.

Yes, you should not have created such an account yourself. In general, when certain modules are enabled under Customize, Manager automatically creates necessary built-in accounts and uses these to perform functions of the module. You can edit their titles, but not delete them. That’s why you see the Update button but not a Delete button.

Another clue is that if you change a title in your chart of accounts, the built-in title will show in gray below your modified title (but only in the chart of accounts).

@Lubos, on my payslip items, under earnings tab, the account Wages and Salaries is visible, which is the same account I created, and which carries the expense payable in wages as shown in my previous shots. See screenshot below.

@Tut, yes, I am beginning to realize this, and it almost resembles what I experienced with the expense claims module. What should be done to remedy the issue? Thanks.

You will need to “unwind” the transactions that went to your self-created account. Reallocate them to the correct, built-in account. Then delete the one you generated. For convenience during this process, you might want to rename the one you created to be more obvious.

Since you seem to be having problems setting yourself up, I recommend creating a test business for experimentation before entering things in your real accounts. You can have as many businesses as you want in Manager. Once you understand how things work, then begin entering your actual books.

You should be able to “unwind” the transactions by simply changing the nominated account within the Payslip Earnings Item. No need to delete and recreate

Wages & salaries will be added to your chart of accounts if you are using payroll. It is not possible to delete this account if you have payroll enabled.

I’m actually planning to go through this in upcoming weeks and reduce number of in-built accounts so this issue will resolve itself.

If you want to resolve it right away, then you should use in-built Wages & salaries account when setting up your payslip earnings items and delete the custom account Wages and Salaries you have created.

Thanks @Tut, @Brucanna and @Lubos. Indeed, I have managed to unwind the transactions and deleted the self-created account. I do agree with @Tut that some of us who are new to Manager could benefit greatly from running a test business so as to get a feel of things. The alternative, of course, would be for @Lubos and team to somehow provide a short brief on which accounts are affected internally when other accounts are created in Manager because most of us approach the system openly. Thanks for the assistance guys.