How to install on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Could any one guide me how to install desktop version on Raspberry Pi 2 model B. I have Ubuntu Mate 18.04 as OS on my Pi.


Search the forum. There have been some discussions about this.

Hi Tut,
I could not find any thing in forum for desktop version, there are some on server edition. If you know, please help.


How about just doing a normal installation as per the documentation just like anyone else running Ubuntu…

Hi xero50,
I have been using Manager on ubuntu on my PC for the past 3 years.
The question is running on Raspberry Pi which is of armhf architecture whereas normal installation .deb file is of x86 or amd64 architecture.
Do we have armhf supported .deb file, if so, please provide link for download.


This seems like a solution:

Hi Novica,
that link does not talk about installing x64 deb package on raspberry pi.

The Raspberry Pi uses an ARM CPU, which uses the ARM instruction set. That is a different instruction set than that used by x86-64/amd64.


aha sorry. so you need something on the rpi to emulate x86?


Hi novica,
Thank you, I shall try this and update.

If someone from Manager team cross compile this wonderful software (may be using pbuilder) to build .deb file for armhf architecture, that would be really helpful.