Two-step process (entry Approval process) and update the invoice serial nu

Good day all
I have two inquiries

1- two-step process (entry Approval process) It will greatly help in that the operations are entered correctly
2-When giving the accountant the authorization to issue sales and purchase invoices and the authorization to update the invoices, he can update the invoice serial number and date
My question is how do I prevent the process of modifying the invoice number and date, while still being able to update the price or quantity?

I do not want to modify any serial number or invoice date, I talk about automatic issuance of invoices
The reason for such questions are the requirements of the Zakat and Customs Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
One of the requirements for issuing invoices is that they are not adjustable with regard to the serial number or the date of issue
In the first phase, which will start on December 4, 2021

This is already in ideas: Multi Level Authorization

This is not possible. If a user can edit invoices, they can edit any aspect of the invoice.

Is it possible in the worst case to give the accountant only the authority to create only without modification?

Read the Guide: Set user permissions | Manager

This is possible with level two i.e view and create.

thanx for help