Serial number in Invoices (Purchase & Sales)

How to add serial number to invoices?

Default purchase invoice has the following format.

Item - Description - Qty - Unit Price - Amount

We would like to have the following

Serial No - Description - Qty - Unit Price - Amount

How to do this? Also is it possible to have the Serial No to come automatically 1, 2, 3, …?

Manager automatically applies a serial number to sales invoices. The program searches for the highest existing sales invoice number and increases it by 1. You can override this default serial number if you want.

If you want to customize your serial numbers, such as starting with a specific number or including a year number, simply override your first invoice. For example, enter 2015001 on your first invoice. The next will be 2015002. You cannot, however, enter alphanumeric numbers like AB001 and get AB002, because Manager treats the serial numbers only as numbers. If you need such alphanumeric serial numbers, you must enter them manually.

Purchase invoices are not currently editable. But the format includes a Reference field you can use for anything you like. This is not numbered automatically, though, because purchases invoices record amounts invoiced to you by a supplier. The reference you should record is the supplier’s number, not your number. There would be no point to including this in a column of the purchase order, because every invoice should be recorded in a separate transaction. That is why the reference number appears in the header.

@Tut how can one activate automatic numbering to journals, payment and receipt, and even transfers?

I do not think you can, @Abeiku. As far as I know, automatic numbering only works on sales invoices. But I could be wrong. :wink:


I am keeping recored of purchase by giving them serial no. But in manager serial no. for purchasing invoice has not come, how to give this automatically.

Pls. resolve this.

@GTech is asking about the serial number before the description of goods. Would like to know if it is possible @lubos

If you want line item numbers on forms, you would have to create a custom theme. That has been mentioned, if I recall, on the forum previously. But there is no built-in method for it.