How to block the invoice or duplication of invoice

i have some issue that this software making duplicate invoice number.
and i would like to know how to block unit price area. user cant be able to change this unit price after create the invoice.

The software will not assign a duplicate invoice number. It finds the highest existing number and adds 1. But it will not prevent you from overriding an automatically assigned number when editing the invoice. After all, who knows what might be required to correct some accounting mistake?

If a user has permission to enter a form, that user can change anything on the form. This is true for both the single-user desktop edition and multi-user server and cloud editions. For the desktop edition, there is no restriction on the user at all. Security must be applied by controlling access to the computer.

The reason unit prices can be changed is that someone might want to charge different customers different amounts under different circumstances. Preventing someone with permission to enter invoices from changing them is a management review function, not an accounting one.

first time when we create the invoice the unit price we can select as we want. but after created the invoice if some one wants to change the unit price it should be only by administrator permission.
is it possible ??

If you give a user access to the program with permission to enter sales invoices, they will be able to change them. If you don’t trust them, you should not give them permission. You also never said which edition you are using: desktop, server, or cloud.

@viaemex - There has been previous suggestions about breaking the permissions down further into “Create”, “Edit” & “Delete” as additional controls.

thanks for your corporate.
i am facing 1 problem. i have created invoices as per my serial number but when i have entered same invoice number the software creating duplicate. i have attached screen shot for your reference.
can you please help us to solve this problem. we are going to purchase this software.

Manager has automatic numbering for sales invoices which does not create duplicates.
if you are entering manual invoice numbers, try to make it as numbers and not alphabets or special characters. this will avoid duplicates.

for example, you can manually start an invoice number series for 2018 as 18000001 and Manager will automatically follow the sequence without making duplicates. for the next financial year you can manually enter the first invoice number as 19000001 and now this sequence will continue automatically.

Manager cannot check duplicates for things you enter manually. Manual entry means the user wants to enter something of his choice and Manager will not restrict you in any manner.

@viaemex - Your screenshot shows that you haven’t setup your Cash Accounts correctly.

You are currently showing Cash Accounts as “0” but Cash Transactions as “20”

You must create a Cash Account

so the Cash Account can be selected within the Cash Transactions.

Without a Cash Account selected, then all your Cash Transactions will be posted to a BS > Equity > Suspense

Having that Suspense account displayed - indicates that there are entry errors in your transactions.

i have same issue triplicating invoices. which creates issue in inventory as well

In response to your question from yesterday, showing your sales invoices list with duplicates, I already told you Manager will not prevent you from entering any invoice number you wish, overriding the automatic sequence.

Why are you triplicating invoices?

thanks for your support.
is there any security such kind of problem. how we can make secure these issue.
is it possible if you can customized as per our need ?

this is not a security issue but a user choice. Manager does not create errors when the default automatic numbering is used. when the user choose to use manual numbering it makes it the responsibility of the user to avoid errors.

this is not possible at present since Manager is a globally used software which meets the legal needs of most countries and is flexible enough for the customer to customize it as per their needs. so any feature addition or changes to the program will be considered by the developer only if it is not an individual requirement.