Trial balance

Please amend the trial balance with totals so that the columns contain beginning balance, the movement during the period, the total of movement (beginning balance + movement during the period), the final balance and all columns are debit and credit for more clarification

For someone who just joined the forum a few hours ago, you certainly have many suggestions about how the program should be different. Manager’s financial reports follow traditional formats. If you dislike these so much, perhaps you should be using a different program.

@Mohammed_Taha you should be using the General Ledger Summary.

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All software programs are designed to be used slightly differently. To get maximum value out of any program start by using the program the way it was designed to be used, as opposed to how you have used other programs in the past.

Then you can make a better, worse, or different decision, decide if Manager is usable for you in it’s current form, and maybe identify ways Manager could be better for everyone in the future.

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You have an awesome way with words/people