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Hi there team
Just started using the software and guys, for a free program for users not much to complain about. Well done.
Just posting a general journal and I note that the difference in the journal is displayed, but as I begin typing in the debit or credit field the journal balance changes. As I watch the number change I forget what was typing. Can I suggest the number doesn’t change until you move off the line. Alternatively, the difference could be a default in the credit or debit column each time
Thanks team

Your suggestion is not as straightforward as it might seem to you, because journal entries often include more than a single debit or credit line. For example, retained earnings might be distributed to a group of 10 partners in a single entry, with one debit to Retained earnings and 10 credits to various subsidiary ledgers of Capital accounts. When you reached the last credit, the way to “move off the line” would be to Create the transaction. A difference that did not continuously update would not show whether you had reached zero yet. So its value as a check on balancing debits and credits would be lost.

I’ve been a forum member and moderator since before this feature was added. In all those years, you are the very first person who has complained about it. Additionally, journal entries are fairly rare when using Manager, so you should not encounter this situation very often. The change you describe would inconvenience many to provide an occasional benefit to you based on a personal interface preference.

Hi Tut

Many thanks for your prompt reply

Totally understand your response

I have worked with a developer before and we developed a GL screen which was quite complex as well

We attacked the DEBIT CREDIT difference as follows:

We had total debits and total credits with a difference column of the debits and credits so far (same as what you do)

This figure didn’t change until we moved off the line and then it went to zero (if the debits and credits equalled)
Also a further coding request to the developer, I asked the difference of each line to appear in either the debit or credit column as we went so we could either change it or save the journal if all was good.

I appreciate your reply Tut. To be honest I am quite impressed with what you have done with manager and would love to add feature recommendations as I get to use it more (if you don’t mind that is :blush:)


I quite like it as it is

I’m not the developer, @bipdaya. I’m a forum moderator. I have no control over changes or improvements to the program. The point I was hoping to make to you is that, given the flow involved in creating a Manager transaction, there would be negative ramifications to your suggestion. And of the thousands of users around the world, no one else has been bothered as you are. Given that there are currently more than 80 topics in the Ideas category, I doubt the developer will spend time on yours, which does not create any new capability or solve a problem anyone else experiences. But that’s just my guess.