Trial Balance out of balance

We are trying to complete our year end so that we can send our accounts to our accountants to do the final adjustments and file our accounts and tax return. Our Trial Balance was out by about £348.

We have traced the bulk of this back to a single payment. We paid a supplier in GBP from our EUR bank account and although we corrected the exchange rate, the corrected rate is not reflected in our General Ledger transactions. Please see attached screen shots.

Can you please let us know what we need to do to correct this.

Under no circumstances should trial balance be out of balance. So this is a bug in the program.

Now, I have discovered a bug 2 weeks ago which could have caused this and it has been fixed. If you see this issue in the latest version, could you send your accounting file to so we can fix the bug right away?

OK, the difference of £347.98 was basically a currency gain (loss) of £173.99 which was credited instead of debited. This was a bug.

I fixed this issue in the latest version (15.0.29) so if you upgrade, it will all balance.

Fantastic service… as usual.

Loaded the new software and everything appears to be correct. Thank you very much for the excellent software and personal attention to service.

Hi there,
I seem to have the same problem. My trail balance suddenly doesn’t balance (did before) from October 2017 onwards. By the 31 July 2020 it is out 12c? I have emailed the file to the suggested contact. Hope you can help. I am running version 20.8.63

@Ma_McDee can you send your accounting file to ?