Trial Balance by Group

How can we generate trial balance by accounts group ?

A Trial Balance is always by account

You can export the report and then use Excel to create sub-totals - although I am not sure what you would use that for

My trial balance is level wise.
Like Level one Main Group, Level 2 Sub Group, Level 3 Another Sub and Level 4 Account.

Example :
On the below example, If i Run Level 2, i will get the TB by department wise…
is there any option for this ?

First Level
Level 1 ) Operation Expense (Main Account)
Level 2) Admin Dept. Expense (Main Account)
Level 3) Staff Cost Admin (Main Account)
Level 4) Salary and Allowance - Admin (Sub Account)
Level 4) Housing Allowance - Admin (Sub Account)

Second Level
Level 1) Operation Expense (Main Account)
Level 2) Admin Dept. Expense (Main Account)
Level 3) Printing & Stationary - Admin
Level 4) Stationary Expense (Admin)

The purpose of the Trial Balance is to show that the debits=credits for the period and to list the balance on each account. When accounts where done manually in a ledger it was a tool used tio ensure that everything balanced. The advent of computer software such as Manager, really makes a Trial Balance unnecessary as debits and credits will always match.

It is not meant to be reporting tool for management.

You seem to be looking for a tiered chart of accounts, with subaccounts for every account. Manager handles that only by creating groups.

Regardless, there is little reason to believe a trial balance at a department level would be successful, let alone useful. I recommend exploring tracking codes for different departments. See the Guide: Manager Cloud.