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Information for the translation team - developer - programmer @lubos

Subject: Non Inventory Items - View Screen

There’s no “translation team” per se, it’s the community members like you and me who make the translations to many languages possible.

You are welcome to contribute by following this link

found one more string to be reviewed and fixed in Inventory Items View Screen ( all languages )

Subject: Inventory Items - View Screen

hi @lubos , discovered 2 segments that are not pointing to their according translation.
that is for all languages including English

  1. Non Inventory Items - View Screen → SaleTaxCode


  1. Inventory Items - View Screen → StartingQuantity



Check here Translations | Manager

hallo @joe91 @lubos

since translations for 6 languages are marked as 100%
i triple checked the translation table.
it seems, that the segments below do not exist in the table
( total 907 segments - translations )

for non inventory items → view screen:


for inventory items → view screen:



Translation is done by the volunteer teams not the developer.

You can email or join them using the links on the page

I guess @WZM is aware of the translation process but has found a bug in the mapping software.

hi @joe91 @lubos

what i m saying is, that the segments and translations do not exist in the
language table for translation.

on webtranslateit the steps normally are:

segments are added to Manager via the API

followed by:

translation are changed in English via the API on Manager

only then translation can be done by the volunteers

if you look at the strings, they are segments used in the software
and not translated field descriptions


Apologies,- I am showing up my lack of detailed knowledge in this area.

Good point @WZM This looks like the same bug as mentioned in as in v20.8.67 StartingQuantity is correctly translated.

Some of the “View” screens need to be rewritten so they leverage translations from edit screens. I’m working on that.

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@WZM, please do not double-post topics. That reduces the chance of action. You already reported both of these missing elements. Your second post on this topic and all response to it were moved to your original topic.