Translation File Issue - translation does not show

see screenshot:

The same applies to the entry field titles Due date and Billing address. However, it seems to only appear in newly created businesses. In already existing businesses the entry field Quote number is missing.

I see it now. I have been fixated only to this " Amounts are tax inclusive " string when
flipping through languages and tabs, that I did not realize the other strings in disorder

Sorry about that. Fixed in the latest version (21.1.50).

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No need to apologise :point_up:

@lubos , could you also please correct the entry field Quote number for already existing businesses? It still isn’t appearing in v21.1.50.

@Mark, please clarify. Are you saying Due date and Billing address are not translated, or that they do not appear in new businesses? Or that they appear in new businesses, but not old businesses? And on which entry form(s)?

Missing translation, or missing entirely? And on what screen? In what mode? On sales quotes, the field is named Reference.