Burmese translation update

Dear @lubos and @tut,
Strings in burmese translation which I updated from a week ago were not merged till today.

Below is one of those strings I updated.

But not display as I expected.

Current Manager version we are using is - Server Edition 19.6.63.
Thank you.

This is now fixed as of 19.7.10.

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thank you

Thank you @lubos. By the way, I still have some translation issues to post and i will update here. And thank you again.

We would like to request to add some words for translation
This item can be purchased
This item can be sold
Custom income account(under inventory kits is not working, it’s working at inventory)

Perhaps you should joint the translation team. Translations are crowdsourced, not done by the developer.

I am already member and there is no more translation string for Burmese.

I am member of translation team and I translated most of Burmese strings so Burmese language is 100% translated already. But some strings cannot translate as there are no translations for these strings.

The strings that i found are:

“This item can be purchased” and “This item can be sold” at Non-Inventory Items
(@San_Thida_Myo_Latt already posted with pictures).

“Taxable Sales By Customer” at Reports

at Tax Codes:

at Bank Rules:

at Email Settings:

That’s all for now.

I believe that this issue is in not only Burmese but also other languages.

@lubos please add these strings to translation. Thank you.

Any update?

Missing strings added to WebTranslateIt portal.

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Great. Thank you @lubos.

thank you

By the way, this string you may forget, @lubos please. Thank you.


Unless I’m mistaken, isn’t that the name of an account you created and named “Prepaid”. So translating involves you changing the account name to something different.

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@Patch you are right. Sorry for that i apologize. Thank you.

Dear @lubos, missing string “Reports > Payslips > Payslip Totals per Item and Employee” needed to add, please.
Thank you.