Transferring sales quotes


I was transferring sales quotations from the old business to the new one, while I was doing this I noticed that the sales quotations I had made in the new business had gone missing. I had around 33 sales quotes and now its only showing 2. I haven’t deleted any of them and I even checked the audit trail to see if someone else had, but none of the quotes were in the audit trail. Can you please help me recover this data? Thanks

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For an answer to your question, you will need to furnish much more information. Transferring quotations from where to where? How? Why are you doing this, since Manager is a perpetual system?

I wanted to transfer my data from one business to the another one since that is the one through which operations have been running. While creating sales quotes in the current one from the old one manually, the quotes which had been in the new one disappeared and I lost data. This is critical information. Can you please help me get it back?

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If sales quotes you entered manually are no longer present, you either deleted them or did not properly create them. If you deleted them, the only way to get them back is if you have a backup of the business from before they were deleted. If you did not create them properly, there is no way of recovering them.

If you have an audit trail, you must be using the server or cloud edition. If the audit trail shows nothing about the quotes, then you did not create them properly.