Transferring Customer Details to a new company

I want to transfer my customer details from one company to a new company. It will be two different companies but with the same customers.

copy your clients into excel spreadsheet by exporting into tsv and them use batch create in new business. If you do the export and batch create options, its pretty straightforward

Depending on the volume of transactions in your existing business you could do a “Add Business - Import Backup” which would give you the entire business, including name. But names can be changed. After launching the particular business, click the Rename link to the right of the name and then delete the transactions.

Thanks dalacor, but it didn’t take along all the details needed.

Thanks Brucana,

I have done what you suggested. It works great… But… do I have to delete the each transaction one by one or can I do them all at once?

Unfortunately, I think one by one is your only option for financial transactions.

Thank you Brucanna, deleting them one by one is quicker than retyping all the client details.

Appreciate your help.

If its not importing everything it should be, then you will need to raise the issue with the developer as a bug that needs to be fixed.

@Christel, another approach when you create a new business is to backup the old business and then import it again. You can rename businesses temporarily or permanently before or after the backup/import to prevent confusion. The imported business will have all data from the old business, including all customer information.

Then, of course, you must delete old transactions. Which approach is easier will depend on how many customers versus transactions there are.

Some users who start many businesses have written about keeping a template business with chart of accounts and customer/supplier bases already set up, but no financial transactions.