Transfer part of an existing company to a new company - all records

I use desk top version,
I have a company say ABC that has traded for 12months that is to cease trading.
For my own reasons i want to transfer all records ,transactions, supplier details etc etc to a new company ,say XYZ. for the last 3 months
Can i transfer all balances of all records for the same 3 months to the new company xyz, using the desktop version
Can i edit my back up and edit the records i do not want?

Can this be done

Yes, that is probably the easiest.
Back up your business, Import the back up, Change it’s name, Use Batch delete to delete what ever you don’t want

You can set a start date, then set starting balance for all accounts.
This can be done in a new business. You may also be able to do it in an edited business but you would need to take care transactions value was entered exactly once in all occasions ie not double entered or missed due to start date, starting balance alignment, and retained/delete transactions.

Batch update in the old business file, delete the key field then batch create in the new business file can also be used to transfer data between businesses.