Lost Manager business account details

I previously downloaded the old Manager, I moved it to a new PC, it required an activation code.
I know the new Manager does not require that. But all the data is in my previous Manager. I installed manager again and now i cant even open the old one. It says a new version has been downloaded to my PC. Please help, i need the data on the old Manager. Is there a way i can access the old Manager again? I tried un-installing the new version it keep giving me the same message.

If you made backup before you can import the data in the new installed manager

No man i have not done that. I wish i had. I falsely thought backuping the whole application is good idea.

read this thread - it may help

What do you mean backuping the whole application ?

None of your data ever was, nor is it now, in Manager. All data is in data files called by the program. The new version of the program you installed can open and import the old data files. If required by program changes since those files were created, the new version will reformat the data.

Importing old files really does nothing except add them to the index file so they are visible on the Businesses page when you launch the program. So all you need to do is find the old files and import the active ones. Follow this Guide: Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager.

If you disposed of the old computer without making backups of active businesses, there is no way to recover your data through any feature of Manager. Your only hope would be if you backed up the entire drive of the old computer (or relevant portions of it).

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I backed up the entires files in one separate folder and copied them to the pc. the message says: " Your database has been upgraded to the latest version while your desktop edition is still an older version. Upgrade desktop edition to the latest version which will resolve this issue. This usually happens when you install server edition of newer version on the same computer". Can I copy pastre the file items into the new manager folder? Does that work or is there another way

Have you read the Guide Tut linked to - the last section covers Transferring Data

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Yes I have read it. But in my case, i have not backed up the business. I have backed up the entire files of the installation of the manager including the application. And then i required validation key. So i downloaded the new manager and couldn’t access the old one anymore. I uninstalled the new one and the message keeps saying the same.

Did you back up all the files on your old computer or not?

What do you mean by “backed up the entire files of the installation of the manager including the application”
The data files are stored in a separate folder to the manager program

The folder is in the Preferences tab on the Manager program


You were asked previously what you meant by this, but never answered. What files are you referring to?

You may also find useful information here: Manage application data folder contents | Manager.


What i mean is this, when i installed the manager for the first time. I ran the installation and it extracted files. These files i have backed-up. Some of these files are named as such: x64 x86 Anglesharp.dll Dotliquid.dll ManagerDesktop(application) SQLite-net.dll I have these files but not the business backup. I thought having these files backed up would be safe. But when I downloaded the new version. I couldn’t enter the ManagerDesktop(application) due to the message.

I also need to mention that there is no .manager files in the application data folder.

You need to back up the files regularly once you start entering data. If you do not have a copy of the data files then there is not a lot that can be done

The data files should still be on the old PC, so you need to find them and copy them to the new PC and then import them to Manager

I will try that, do you recommend using the old version first and accessing it through a validation key? So i could back up the business. Because im afraid installing the new version will cause the same problem.

Tut’s Guide 8394 explains how your data files are named and how you can access them.

If you can access them using an old version of Manager, then you can backup them up, transfer the backup to the new PC and then import the backup

Installing a new version of Manager does not affect your data files other than converting them to the latest format. Once this is done, you cannot open them with the old version

Thank you for your patience man. Really appreciated. One last thing though, i still need the validation key in order to backup the business using the old version, right? Where can i get that from.

No. Once you install the new version of Manager, you won’t need the key. Find the files and import them in the new version. Get the old version out of your mind. It is of no use once you have the newer version installed.

I told you there are no files .manager. How am i supposed to get them without getting into the old version??

As I said some posts ago, Tut’s Guide 8394 explains how your data files are named and where you might find them. If you still have your old PC, you can search the disk for the files

Neither Tut nor I have access to your PC, so we can not help you find the files other than the guidelines in the guide above

You talked about re-installing Windows and an old/new PC so it isn’t clear exactly what the situation is