Old to New

I have been using Manager v 16.7.71 in a PC running Win 8.2 for a number of years.
Have now gone onto Win 10 in a new PC.
Downloaded Manager v but was unable to import businesses into it from v 16.7.71 Backups!
Can anyone help me to get things going in the version please?

see this post Restoring data issue - #2 by Patch

  • To install the older version of Manager you will need to uninstall the new version
  • import your old backup
  • Update manager to the current version
  • then it should work OK
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Thank you for that!
Does that mean I need to install v16.7.71 into my new PC first and then import the businesses?
If so, where can I download v16.7.71?

You need to click on the above link, and follow the instructions in that post. A down load link is provided there.

I’m sorry, that did not take me anywhere useful.
Could you please guide me in more detail?

@hearing_math, you need to follow the link again. It takes you directly to the place where you can download all operating systems’ versions of Manager 20.9.89, which is what you need. Read the entire thread, as well, which provides instructions.

Thanks, I managed to download the last v 20 in the new PC and restored the three businesses from backups done in v 17. Thank you for your help! William