Transaction caption in 'Foreign exchange gains (losses)' report

Hi @lubos and all!

I’m wondering if it’s possible to add description (caption) to the transactions listed into ‘Foreign exchange gains (losses)’ report?

So far, you can see wether if it’s a payment/receipt/transfer, the amount (in original currency), exchange rate, and the amount in base currency.

but! :slight_smile: if you want to get detail about an specific transaction you have to click on the original amount (highlighted in blue) leading you to the edit view for that transaction.

My proposal would be to add description in the report, this for ease the analysis of the info listed, and leave the ‘link’ to be able to go to edit view in case you need to make changes to the transaction.

What do you think?

Descriptions are taken from general ledger and General Ledger Transactions report suffers from the same issue actually. So this will be resolved as a side-effect of resolving issues with General Ledger Transactions report.

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Oh I see! I look forward for it! Thanks! :slight_smile: