Clickability and better descriptions in general ledger

I have some requests for an already amazing program.

Would it maybe be possible when opening a General Ledger Transactions report to not only show the accounts, but also some Supplier/Description of that transaction. At the moment it only shows for example “Sales” and the amount. The amount is clickable to jump to that transaction, however, if you print the report there is absolutely no reference what Sale transaction is meant.
The same is when clicking Sales on the Summary page, it only shows “Sales Invoice” as Transaction and Description. It would be nice to see the supplier for that Invoice. Same for my Cost of Sales. The name “Purchase Invoice” is shown in Transaction and Description and there is no Info what Invoice is meant.

Also, I have another report request. I use the Tax Summary report regularly for VAT every 2 months. It would be great to have a report also showing all transactions relating to the Sales and purchases that make up the Tax Summary.

Thank you again for a great program and the ongoing improvements!

Clickability for all reports and better descriptions in general ledger are on this month (March) roadmap.

Hello, just a quick follow-up when the better descriptions in general ledger transactions can be expected?
When I pull a report in version 14.9.8 it just shows date, #, account, Debit and Credit. There is absolutely no description what the transaction was for. Is this still on the roadmap?

I did improve descriptions on general ledger level for several use-cases. There are still more to go. What type of transactions don’t show any description? If they don’t, what sort of description for those transaction you would expect to see there?

The report currently looks like this:

It would be nice to see the payer/payee or the description of the transaction. If I send the General Ledger Transactions to our accountant and she does not have the program infront of her, there is no way how she can place any of the transactions.
Otherwise I really love the program.


Great program, lots of features!!!

One serious problem:

On the report above, there should be included to to right of the “Account” field, the Description field, just like on the Journal Entry Screen.

That inclusion would make this program very, very useful.
That is a simply change, simply add the field which is already in the database.

Hi - We have just completed our first year-end accounts based on using Manager as our mamagement accounting software. It was a great deal easier than previous years for which we used the “shoebox and spreadsheet” system of management accounts.

However, we could have used a more comprensive set of reports. Our accounts use their own accounting software so they require everything from Manager to be sent to them as reports. To get them the General Ledger information that they requested, it was necessary for us to export each account from the Trial Balance in .tsv format. We then had to load each file into a spreadsheet program and convert all of the monetary amounts from text to numeric data and finally save the file as an MS Excel spreadsheet before they could use it.

Each time we needed to produce a revised set of reports, fortunately, only twice, it too a full day’s work to complete.

The system worked and our accounts are finalized and filed. However, it would have been a great deal easier if we could have simply printed out a General Ledger in the format the accountants required.