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Not too clever on accounting! I cannot find a way the create an invoice with with a running total of paid invoices and outstanding balance.

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Anyway, regarding this

I assume you are referring to customer statement which you can access by going to Reports > Customer Statements (Transactions). You can refer to this guide for more information:

It’s recommended for new users to read the guides since they contain instructions on how to use the software. They’re written with non-accountants in mind.

Have a look at

Hi. Did not mean to offend with the comment removed, its just how i learn. I have struggled to learn this program, although easier than some we had before.
I dont sell items, just a service for car hire.
e.g. I have a customer, 3 hour hire $1000.00. They pay a booking fee of $250.00 leaving a outstanding balance of $750.00. My receipt does not show intitial charge less booking fee or the final invoice showing above.

To get more help, please post screen images of what you have tried so far

Also, it would help if you described the workflow for a typical transaction with examples of timing

No worries there, it’s just that rules are rules and I just had to point that out.

Anyway please provide examples as @Joe91 suggested and make sure they include the following:

  • Edit screen of invoice in question
  • Edit screen of receipt in question
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