Invoice total shown when selecting the invoice (Bank Transactions Request)

Hi there everyone.
While making payments in bank transactions, it would be great if the total of the invoice appears automatically when selecting which invoice we want. Don’t you think?

I’m talking for payments that involves more than one invoice in just one single transaction.
I’m saying this because I have customers that tell me which invoices they are paying in one single check. and I have to write manually the total of the invoices and sometimes it is hard to learn all the totals of the invoices.

Is there any solution for this?
You can tell to just write the total of the check and Manager will automatically select the older invoices that aren’t payed, but sometimes that isn’t the case.
Here is an screen shot to show what I’m meaning.

Let me know if this can be implemented or why it can’t.
Greetings everyone.

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under Reports, generate the Customer Statements (Unpaid Invoices).
then view the transactions of relevant customer and use Copy To function to enter a bank or cash transaction.
all the outstanding amounts of invoices will be auto-populated as separate lines.

That could be a solution. But the problem is that I have customers that have more than 20 unpaid invoices and if they only pay five invoices, it will take time to delete the others.
I could work with that, but what I said about the total of the invoices shown while making payments, it is simpler and easy to work.

you can set the period for the report. most customers pay for invoices generated over a period of time.

this has been discussed many times on the forum previously and the developer is aware of the same.

Ok, that can help a bit more.

Hope one day he implement this.

Thanks for the help @sharpdrivetek. Greetings