Sales Contract, billed and remain amount

i did not find any of my issues and it may be unable to correct search
my query is-

  1. I want to show Tracking code wise sales contract amount (consultancy business)
  2. I want to see this un-billed amount after create invoice
    Is it possible to see?

Thanks in advance

The only feature by which you could show a sales contract is to create a sales order. See Create sales orders | Manager. Sales orders have no financial impact, so they do not show up anywhere except in the Sales Orders tab.

Further, tracking codes apply only to income and expenses. Since sales orders are neither, you cannot apply tracking codes to them.

Your desire is a contradiction. By definition, when goods or services are included on a sales invoice, they have been billed. The only unbilled amounts shown in Manager are billable time and billable expenses that have been recorded but not yet invoiced. See Invoice billable time | Manager and Invoice billable expenses | Manager.

Hi Tut, Thanks
I did it, except partially invoiced. could you please help me? it is invoicing full amount in this case.

You did what? I do not understand your last post. What do you want help with? What full amount is being invoiced?

Hi Tut, Thanks to replay to me,
Basically i want to input total contract value (without effect in accounts) example $12000 then i will invoice to my client every month e.g $1000. if i invoice 1st month then remain amount will be $11000. this (contract amount less up to date invoice amount= Balance) details will be shown under report. how can i have.

i have trying to use Billable time tab, but it is effecting to Accounts and partial invoice can not created. what i am telling “i did it”
Could you please help me?

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@subrosumon is talking about progressive billing. He wants to know if it will be possible to generate a sales order for which billing will be progressive.
See this topic @subrosumon Managing Sales and Purchases Orders (Advanced Features Request/Suggestion) read comment number 15.

As I have told you, you cannot, because sales orders have no impact. Manager will not deduct invoiced amounts from some maximum.

That will not do what you want. Billable time is only for time already expended and waiting to be invoiced, not time you will expend in the future.

Hi Abeiku,
Yes you are picking correctly what i am seeking.
Thank, did u have any solution?

Progressive billing is not available now. You have to track the progress on a spreadsheet.

Hi Abeiku,
I have found a simple solution for solved my issues, e.g,

  1. Contract amount may be input in sales order tab
  2. invoice to be as normal process
  3. if Manager add a “Tick” option in invoice tab- which to effect it to sales tab as negative balance

i am doing this with manually to input Invoice details in sales order tab as negative balance and my issues has solved (manually) :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea,

you mean the option to link invoices to orders right? In a way that invoices linked to orders are deducted from the sales order amount. So the sales quotes will have a micro statement showing the linked invoices and the unbilled balance, just like how payments are displayed in a mini statement for invoices when payments are made.

Nice idea

But the the problem is that, Quotes are not accounting entries and therefore it will be hard to program this idea.

Thanks Abeik,
yeah- this is that what i am doing to solved my issues as manually.
However - no need mini statement which is already showing customer wise details with closing balance in Sales order tab. I thing this program is not so complected and Manager can clear their pint of view in this idea as alternatively.

You don’t have to do all this manual input as you can create two Custom Fields in Sales order module (with only one time input) and also two Custom fields in the Sales invoice module with exactly the same names or Sales order ref and Progressive sales invoice amount (or Sales contract amount in your case)

As Sales orders are not considered a financial record in Manager then by doing this the Sales order info gets transferred to Sales invoices module, with the Copy to menu command in the Sales order module each time a progressive Sales invoice is sent, and should be possible to use in Custom Reports where progressive Sales Invoices can be grouped for each Sales order ref., giving you the needed overview of the status of all sales contracts.

Hi Tor-Thanks, i can not doing this, could you please give me screenshot for full process plz.

Don’t have screenshots. Just go to settings / Custom fields to create the custom fields, its pretty straight forward. I suggest you read the guides if you need more information on Custom fields.

Hi Tor- i have created two custom file in Sales order and Sale invoice with naming Contract number. how to get the report?

I made some screenshots for you :slight_smile: but remember you must read the guides and other forumposts before coming to the forum with questions, thats just how it works.

First you open the Reports module and select Custom reports / New report. Add all the fields you want for your report, see picture below as a suggestion but General ledger account and amount must alway be selecteds. You must remember to add the Sales order Ref and Progressive sales invoice amount fields.


For this to work it helps if the names of your sales accounts contain the word “Sales” so you can isolate only those accounts for the report



I had a different solution for this - I created 2 G/L accounts for sales orders and then a journal between them for each sales order. I used the description field to hold the order ref.

The G/L account code for the credit side of the sales order is the same as for accounts receivable with an X on the end. That lets me create a report selecting receivables and sales order CR.

Group the report by description to give totals by sales order nbr

The 2 sales order G/L codes are in their own group so it can be collapsed on the regular reports.

An alternative option is to use the two account method and for that you need two control accounts for customers: one in receivables and the other in payables. The method goes like this:

  1. Upon signing the contract, the recivable is debited and the payable is credited for the total amount of contract so the net effect is ZERO. E.g. Dr. Customer X receivable (100) & Cr. Customer X payable (100). You can either use a journal entry or a zero valued receipt (my preferred method).

  2. The net balance of both accounts should reflect the customer’s balance. If the receivable is more, the customer should pay and if the payable is more then more services should be provided (invoices issued). At the beginning the receivable matches the payable so no one owes the other.

  3. Invoices are issued for the customer payable account (invoicing account), and this will reduce the payable and create a net receivable.

  4. Customer receipts are credited to customer receivable account (payment account), and this will reduce the receivable account and create net payable.

The receivable account will always show the total for the remaining future receipts.

The payable account will always show the total for the remaining future invoicing.

The net of the two will show who owes who right at that moment.