Tracking Reports Glitch

I am not sure if there is an issue with the version that I currently have. But I have been trying to process reports for the tracking and nothing populates. I tried to run other reports as well and they are all empty. Do I need to update my Manager. I am using the free edition for now to see how it works.

On the Summary tab, under the Equity section do you have an account Suspense with a balance ?
On the Summary tab, do your Profit & Loss accounts show balances.
Perhaps you could show a screenshot of the Summary tab

It doesn’t even show Less Project Expenses. It comes up as “0” even though I categorized them properly.

A couple of quick observations and questions, @rbauzan:

  1. What I assume is an account of some type with Chase needs to be set up as a cash account under the Cash Accounts tab. This is true whether it’s a bank account or a credit card. Otherwise, you cannot spend or receive money in Manager.

  2. Your display period for the Summary begins only on 7/8/2016. Have you had transactions since then? If not, go to Set Period and adjust the dates. Otherwise, this display will ignore them.

  3. What are you trying to do with your Clients heading and Invoice Payment account in your chart of accounts? Normally, on the profit and loss side, everything should be either an Income account or an Expense account.

  4. Do you really owe suppliers the amount shown in Accounts payable? That implies you have created purchase invoices totaling that amount. If not, where did that number come from?

Your screenshot appears to be only showing opening balance transactions:
Under Settings - Start Date what date have you entered ?
If you go to Reports - P&L, do you also get a blank report

With the BS Asset account - Chase - did you create that COA or have you renamed the Cash & Cash Equivalents accounts

In the BS Equity section there is a Starting Balance Equity account which only shows due to an incorrect entry. It appears you haven’t created a Equity - Capital account. Create that account and put in the opening balance as Debit 86779.65

Perhaps you could post a screenshot of a transaction that has been categorized properly