New to Manager - why doesn't P&L update?

I’m new to Manager, having run previous company using Sage. I am also not an accountant, just trying to setup my own company.I have set up a test file to see if I can understand it and assess whether I can use the app for my new company.
I have set up a bank account and altered/edited the chart of accounts to suit my needs. Then I have entered a couple of ‘dummy’ supplier invoices for services listed in my CoA. I had expected the P&L to be updated to reflect the invoices entered but all lines are at zero. The balance sheet has updated correctly.
I assume I have missed a step in setting up somewhere - probably an obvious one, but I can’t work it out. If anyone can give me a pointer I’d be grateful. It looks like Manager is an excellent solution if I can get my head round the workflow.

Thanks in advance


In the BS Equity section do you have an account called Suspense with a total next to it.?
Can you provide a screenshot of a transaction?

Also, is your Summary tab Set Period date prior to the transaction dates?
Are you showing a Retained Earnings balance?

@MattB60, since you didn’t provide many specifics, these ideas are shots in the dark. But you need to be sure you have correctly selected cash or accrual accounting and that your expectations are in line with your selection based on the types of transactions you have entered.

here is a Purchase invoice i have entered:

… and here is how it is represented on the summary page:

I have ‘accrual’ method set.

thanks in advance for any suggestions

It looks like you have set “Start date” under “Settings” tab. What’s your start date and what’s the date of your purchase invoice you have entered?

Start date set at 1 April 2016. Invoice date is 15April 2016.

So your Settings - Start Date is 1 April 2016, correct?
What is your Summary tab - Set Period date (if entered)?
Having that BS Equity - Starting Balance Equity account doesn’t appear correct.
Can you show a screenshot of Reports - Starting Balances please.
Silly question but, the purchase invoice dates are 2016, not 2015

@MattB60, you can send me backup file of your accounting entity to and I’ll have a look.

Lubos and everyone else - thanks for the offers of help. Not necessary because but I have worked out what I did wrong. As you have all suggested it was an error with the start date and the invoice dates. I thought I set th start date to 1st April, but in fact it was set to 15 April, the same date as the invoices. I have corrected and all seems good now. Thanks again all.
Ill probably be back when I try to sort out the VAT return