Total purchase for a specified period

How may I find Total amount of purchased items (inventory and non-inventory) for a specified period?
Thank you.

You can use the Inventory Value and Inventory Quantity reports for the inventory items

Otherwise you can try using a custom report

What exactly is the purpose of the report and when you say amount, do you mean quantity or value?

The Summary page shows the values for the period - this can be edited to select the period you are interested in

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@Suraj239, if you are referring to quantities purchased, you need to be aware that Manager does not keep track of quantities for non-inventory items. You would need to individually examine every purchase transaction during the period.

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@Joe91 I meant value …But how is the total value shown in summary page?

Thank you @Tut

@Suraj239, you should be able to get the information you want from the General Ledger Summary report.

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