Total of 0.00 in Purchase invoices when no supplier set

If I creat a purchase invoice without a supplier, the total shows 0.00 - as soon as I add the supplier it shows correctly. I’ve seen that there is a similar behaviour when creating a sales invoice with no customer. Needs a fix on this side as well.
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Why would anyone want to create an invoice without a supplier or a customer’s name to it ?it doesn’t happen in commerce.

If you are using the latest version, you would realise it impossible to complete a Sales invoice without selecting a customer. I really think the same must be done for purchase invoice too. It must be impossible to complete a Purchases invoice without selecting a Supplier.
Use receive money and spend money for cash sales and cash purchases.

Improvements must however be made to the Receive and Spend money functions to be more useable in cash sales and cash purchases. The Receive money doesn’t have withholding tax function and Item . This has caused some users to want to use invoices even in cash sales/purchases, and has made the sales&purchases invoice Items and the withholding tax function very limited in the application. @lubos , this problem needs your consideration. Until it fixed we can’t blame people who make mistakes with no name invoices

Perhaps the short term solution, when those functions - Sale/Purchase Invoice Items and Withholding Tax in Receive/Spend Money - are required, would be to create a Customer “Cash Sales” and a Supplier “Cash Purchases”. While having a “credit” Sales/Purchases Invoice Customer/Supplier called that sounds contradictory, it’s better then having no Customer/Supplier at all.

PS: Could Sale/Purchase Invoice Items be changed to Sale/Purchase Regular Items (or something) so that there is greater separation in title/description from the main Sales/Purchases Invoices

I didn’t understand the above statement @Brucanna

It makes perfect sense though to set up a customer named Cash Sales and a Supplier called Cash Purchases.
This is not what Lubos intended for the users because it kind of double work but it helps the user to use WHT and Invoice items in cash sales :smiley:

Normally, Sales/Purchases Invoices tabs are used in conjunction with deferred payment (credit), therefore to use them for immediate payment (cash) seems contradictory, but as you noted - perfect sense - as a solution for those situations where Receive/Spend Money lacks the functionality.