Omission of customer/supplier on invoice

I just realised that when you make a sale or purchases without selecting a customer or supplier the invoice will read paid in full but the transaction is totally omitted from the books.

Yes that’s correct. You need to select customer/supplier.

It is causing some confusion so in a couple of days, I’m going to fix this such as it will be impossible to create an invoice without selecting customer or supplier.

does it mean you have to create a customer account for a customer who just came with cash bought his product and went away?

Example if I have a shop by the road where passing cars stop by and buy goods, must I create a customer account for any new face who just walks by and buys and pay immediately?

It will be great to allow sales and purchases without any customer or supplier. This is because the accounts involved here are cash/bank account and purchases account (buying) and cash/bank and Sales account (selling). Please consider this.

For cash sales, you should just record the receipt from customer under Cash accounts… then you can print the receipt. In this case you don’t even have to know the customer name.

The only issue right now is that you can’t customize the look of the receipt but that is to be implemented pretty soon.

@lubos i have another idea, I believe that the reason why customers and suppliers are created is to keep record of account recievable and account payable. So if a customer comes to your shop and buys and spends cash to pay for all his purchases that same time like what usually happens at a grocery store you need not create an account for him on your system because he wont be part of account receivable (or account payable, the other way round). In other words creation of customer account is necessary for only customers buying on credit and suppliers selling on credit.

you can create a customer and call it ‘Cash’ and make it appear in the customer or supplier field in the invoice creation page by default to enable users avoid creating a new customer for every new face, even for customers with ready cash who are passing by.

the above image is example of the default settings am talking of which you applied somewhere in Manager the moment the user clicks the drop down, then created customers will show. The User must remember to receive cash or spend cash if he chooses the default customer. This will avoid the stress of creating customers. Well A user may create a customer for cash sales and cash purchases as well

so the invoice will show like this. note the customer name is ‘cash’
I exported it from one accounting app

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That is just a workaround. You can use this workaround but then you end up still entering two transactions - invoice and then payment for invoice. Not very streamlined.

As I said previously, the cleanest way is to simply record a receipt under Cash accounts tab and then print it for customer. It’s single transaction which acts as an invoice and payment at the same time.

I haven’t considered that, I think that will be the best. Let me try that and see

I bought 200 Items and sold 100 items in a new company i created to test how the cash/bank tabs for cash puchases and cash sales will workout and here is my observation. I will do further research on this

1.Discount allowed or received isnt appearing unlike the invoice creation page.

2.The income statement doesn’t show anything under purchase cost of inventory. When you buy inventory under cash/bank account tab, it net it from sales which is okay but a bad presentation of financial information see

  1. the inventory movement in value shows nothing if inventory is bought using spend money.

  1. The closing stock of inventory is not appearing on balance sheet.

I think you have to create a companey and follow to see the above issues yourself. using the cash/bank tab for cash sales and cash purchases seem to have problems with integrating the transactions into the accounts affected
above is inventory movement in quantity. @lubos

@lubos I am waiting some reply on this, is there something I can do prevent what I observed above from happening. I need some answer or assurance you are working on it because this type of transaction happens countless times to small business and even big businesses