Invoice total at 0.00

I just created my first Sales invoice. Oddly, although the invoice was for $250, the column “Invoice total” is fixed at “0,00”. On top of this, the status is auto-set to “Paid in Full” despite that there has been no payment!

This all looks very very broken.

Turns out this is because no customer was added. Instead of making this a compulsary field you get this weird behavious. Thanks for not explaining this in the documentation !

@jorisb, this forum is a place where users try to help one another, not bash the developers. If you had searched the forum before posting, you would have found many references to this aspect of Manager and how to avoid it. Also, I recommend reading the Guides related to a problem topic before posting. If you follow the instructions for creating sales invoices, you do not see 0.00 invoice amounts. As a matter of interest, may I ask why you would create a sales invoice without a customer?

If this is such an impossible use case ** and** it breaks the calculations, why does the system allow me to leave this field blank at all??

Look, I agree the system should be more explicit about what happens when you don’t select a customer (perhaps marking the whole invoice as draft) and it’s on my todo-list to resolve this next time I do more work on invoicing module.

No system is infallible and 100% bug free, take any microsoft product as an example, or better yet, any competitive accounting package Pastel comes with over 5000 known bugs that are documented, Quickbooks clocked in at around 2000…so, you can create an invoice with zero value that automatically is paid in full…easy answer dont leave any of the fields blank…problem solved

Thanks for removing the ad-hominem attack from the first version of your post.

Why are you trying to turn this into a microsoft flame war? BTW you do realize Manager is written in C# right?

So because other software has issues I’m not allowed to point at issues here? I would say a forum like this would invite bug reports as it helps the software improve. Apparently not on this forum, where it is countered with personal attacks and flame wars. Interesting…

But to stay on-topic, wouldnt a warning suffice when the user saves a form that is incomplete? I guess this is against the design philosophy of Manager but in this case it would makes sense…

I didn’t remove the insult, I was moderated :).

Once again you may have misread my post as I use Microsoft as an example, not to en-cite a flame war.

The point I was raising is, people find it very easy to disseminate something someone else has done to quote your 1st post

This all looks very very broken.

you could have simply posted the situation and results and requested they possibly look into putting verification on the inputs.

Thanks for not explaining this in the documentation!

most users would probably not try create an invoice without a customer.

Of course you can post bugs, its the manner in which they a posted that sometimes causes situations like this.

I guess this is against the design philosophy of Manager.

again I would refer to the comment above, most users would probably not try create an invoice without a customer.

Just because users can break software, doesn’t mean we have to…

I use Manager for my IT business and also highly recommend it to clients wanting to move away from the constraints and faults in both Pastel and Quickbooks, and will continue to do so.

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Software consists a large part of user input validation. An IT expert would know this. If I accidentally multiply character strings in Excel, it gives me a warning. In you philosophy it should segfault, because I simple shouldnt be multiplying strings.

But I probably ‘once again’ misread your post. Sorry we’re not all as infalable as you.

@jorisb, nobody is saying you are wrong. Your input is appreciated. I already said I do agree with you and it’s on my to-do list.