Bank and cash accounts

suddenly I found that both cash and bank account are not possible to credit or debit them trough the journal entries although it shown their balances in the summery
and also the entries for the last year are not appear in the journal entries (more than 300 entries ).
bank and cash accounts are still shown the chart account.
I couldn’t understood what the exact problem.
please help and advise.

This change to the program occurred many months ago. Bank and cash account transactions can only be made within the relevant tabs now, not as journal entries. But all existing transactions were properly saved and can be viewed in those tabs.

can you show me how to do that as I couldn’t see these tabs that I can do
my transactions through and to view the existing transactions.
I can see only 20 transactions.
thank you

for example now I have made cash deposit into the bank account
how do I record this transaction as it seems not possible through the
journal entries

Read the Guides starting at Manager Cloud. With the Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts tabs, click on the blue numbers to drill down into the accounts. There you will see the function buttons.