Second Bank Account starting balance

I set up two bank accounts in Bank Accounts and the chart of accounts and entered starting balances for them. But the starting balance for the second one is not showing up under Bank Accounts. I put the first one in the Cash at Bank slot. What have I done wrong?

Start by posting screen images of the various edit screens and mentioning the Manager version number

Version is 20.17.60.

The latest version is 20.7.28 so I do not know what 20.17.60 is but it is not a version number of an official version of Manager - where did you download from?

You have shown view screens and not edit screens as requested

Cash at bank is the default control account for all bank accounts. Unless you create custom control accounts and assign bank accounts to them, only Cash at bank will display on the balance sheet. See Set up a bank or cash account | Manager and Add custom control accounts | Manager.

Correction, the version number at the bottom of each screen is 20.7.60. This is the desktop Macintosh version downloaded as a Manager update. Edit screens don’t reveal much, except that the second bank account is showing as a separate asset account, not under the control account. Thanks for the guides but I can’t see how to make the second account as a subsidiary of Bank accounts. Maybe this can’t be done after the event. Both bank accounts show correctly on the balance sheet, so it is workable.

On the contrary, Edit screens reveal everything.

Post a screen shot of what you see when first clicking into the Bank Accounts tab. It sounds like you created your second bank account as an ordinary account rather than a bank account. If so, you will not be able to use it in any monetary transactions.

That’s what the Guides explain, but I notice you have not followed the links I provided. Did you read them?

Any mistake can be corrected.

It will not be workable if you did not create the bank accounts correctly. There is more to bank account functionality than getting something to show on the balance sheet. Notably, unless you take special measures, multiple bank accounts will not show on the balance sheet. Your statement that they do, unaccompanied by any description of those special measures, is what strongly suggests you have set at least one of them up incorrectly.

You are telling me the obvious. I was looking for some advice on correcting it.

You won’t get advice beyond the Guides unless you share the information requested. Until then, no one knows what you did that needs correcting.

What do these tell you?

Please post the “Starting balance report” image Enter starting balances

@David, you will not be able to post the report @Patch asked for until you update your software. The report—in fact, the entire starting balance scheme now in effect—did not yet exist for our version.

Going back to your first post, you did not “put the first one in the Cash at Bank slot.” Your screen shots for the accounts show you have not defined any custom control accounts for bank accounts. Therefore, all your bank accounts will be reported under the Cash at bank control account, without any possibility of action on your part.

That we are dealing with a simple situation, with all bank accounts in the default control account, and the problem lies with how you defined your starting balance. Update your software. Then go to the Bank Accounts tab, click the Edit button for the ASF account, and post a screen shot of what you see.

Thanks for your advice. I have now updated to version 20.8.31, added a second control account and the two bank account balances are now showing correctly.