Cash at Bank?

After upgrading to v18.9.70 I notice that I now have a “Cash at Bank” account. I’ve never created this account and there is no balance in it and no transactions listed when I click on the ‘dash’.
My Bank account is showing correct balances.

How can I remove this Cash at Bank from the Summary view please?

Cash at bank is a control account that summarizes all properly created bank accounts. If it is empty, whatever you refer to as your bank account was not created correctly. Read this Guide:

Since you describe Cash at bank as being new to you, you must have updated from quite an old version, where you would have had a control account named Cash and cash equivalents. In that account, all your cash and bank accounts were summarized. Possibly, you created your “bank account” without checking a box to say it was maintained by a financial institution. If so, you will find it in the control account Cash on hand. You will also notice that instead of a single tab, Cash Accounts, you now have two: Cash Accounts and Bank Accounts. You can convert an improperly designated cash account into a bank account by following this Guide:

If this does not resolve your problem, it may be because you created a bank account as a standalone, ordinary account. But then, you would not be able to enter transactions without their ending up in the Suspense account, where nothing should ever be.

Thanks @Tut for your reply.
I;ve been using Manager for a couple of years now and haven’t had this problem before. I think the previous version I used was around March 2018.
Also, I’ve never had any issues with the actual Bank account - I can import statements etc so I do not think I set it up incorrectly - and certainly not as a Cash account. The Bank Account continues to act as a Bank account and so I do not want to convert it to a Cash account.
I am unable to delete the Cash at Bank and so just dont know what to do. I guess l just have to live with something called Cash at Bank with zero in it and unable to anything with. Strange though don;t you think?

Here are 2 screenshots - maybe you can see something obvious that I have done wrong.

Your screen shot makes things clear. Your CBA Business Account was created as a control account. That is, it summarizes subsidiary accounts. And, while you did not show the edit screen for the bank account itself, I suspect your CBA Business Account bank account is the only bank account assigned to this control account. That means it is assigned to itself.

From a functional standpoint, that is fine. But the Cash at bank control account cannot be disabled, because it is hard-coded into the program and becomes active whenever the Bank Accounts tab is enabled (as it must be to use a bank account). So you have two choices:

  1. Leave things as they are, knowing that unless you assign another bank account to it, Cash at bank will always be empty.

  2. Redesignate the control account for your bank account to Cash at bank and delete the custom control account you created named CBA Business Account.

If you do the second, you can then rename Cash at bank as CBA Business Account if you want by going to the Chart of Accounts page under Settings and editing that account. If you have only one bank account, this is what I would do. When doing this, you will be reminded of the name change because the default name will appear in gray on the Chart of Accounts page, but not anywhere else in the program.

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Thanks again @Tut - as I only have the 1 bank account, I did what you suggest in option 2 and then renamed the Cash at Bank.
Everything looks just fine now - cheers