Total amount in words - Credit/Debit Notes

@lubos please extend the Total amount in words feature to Credit Notes and Debit Notes.

these are financial transactions which are bound to the same laws set forth for sales invoices in respective jurisdictions.

I am not entirely sure of such legal requirement for a cash sale made through the Receipts & Payments tab. But i hope it would benefit most business if implemented.

I am adding this to Ideas so that it doesn’t get lost in the never never.

Following recent discussions on the Ideas category it appears that perhaps it should be split into two.

Ideas - which are new or expansions to the programme.
Amendments - where a feature already exists but needs tweaking, such as this topic.

If that will actually change anything, who knows, but it may sharpen the focus on where actions are required.

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thank you.

i believe this would help the developer prioritize things and also make the list shorter in a . it will be much more organized.

also, i would suggest asking the users to be beta testers for new features. i hope lubos is not the only person writing the program code. in that case different beta versions of the program with a new feature can be developed and tested by users who initially came up with the idea. or other users who are willing to help. then it can be released as a regular download for all users. @lubos any thoughts on this?

They already are - all 10,000 of us. Look, Microsoft has teams of Beta testers yet releases are still issued with bugs. Manager has a history of correcting new release bugs very promptly so I don’t see any need for increased beta testing.

Yes i understand that. But my point was, rather than working on one feature at a time and releasing it to public, develop separate beta versions and get feedback from targeted users. When satisfied with its working, merge it with the main program and release to public.

Ofcourse i do not know how the development team functions at present but this is just my suggestion.