How can I put Amounts in words in the Receipts and Payments


May I ask a question, Is there a process that I can put the amounts in words in the Receipts? is it possible to make a code in Custom fields that automatically translate the Amounts into words?


Custom field contents are treated only as information that fills a variable array. The content is not treated as commands that are executed. To do what you ask about, you would have to write a custom theme, for which you are responsible yourself.

Can I suggest two things regarding Payment:

  1. Would it be possible ‚ÄúCustom Title‚ÄĚ be a drop down list? For example, if ‚ÄúPayment‚ÄĚ to appear as ‚ÄúPayment Voucher‚ÄĚ, common name used here.

  2. Would it be possible to allocate a tick box for "amount in word + only? This would be a great addition as clients look for it. So, they can copy details to pre-arranged excel format for cheque printing.
    Thank you.

set it as a form default. please read the guide Set form defaults | Manager

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Thank you so much. Hope we can have a solution for other part too.

this was suggested earlier and is in the #ideas category. read below

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Thanks a lot for the update. For us this is one of the most beneficial feature because of ability to do something regarding cheque printing.

@lubos kind reminder since it is making a Manager more attractive. apologies for any inconvenience.

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