Total amount in words adding

Hi … I made a quick search for the above subject … and I found That this option available only on Sale Invoices

So why we don’t geranlize this option for all Pi & SQ & debit&credit notes …please advise

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Total amount in words needs everywhere.

Receipts and Payments, Sales Order, Sales Quote, Purchase Order need Total amount in words field.
But, only, sales invoice has it.

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Why do you need this?

Various reason, like, Only number can easily editable. But Total amount in words change is difficult.
actually, My company owner wants to have it.
If you give this like optional (Tick Mark), what’s wrong with this?

Many 10 year olds can now edit the numbers as well as the text. I bet document forgers have a little more skill than a 10 year old. :wink:

Also by far now, most people use emails to exchange documents so there’s really no fear of forgery.

Anyway, this has been discussed many times before and I don’t want to take your hopes away but I don’t think that that’s on the priority list of the developer. What you can do is this:

  • Create a custom theme. This post and this post should help.
  • Use that theme in form defaults for any document that you need amounts in words.

Two years later… and solution such as custom theme is obsolete. The original request is a simple one and would be consistent with Sales Invoices edit screens so not sure why there was objection to this logical request.

Recently @Lubos improved the amount in words display to include the name of the currency. So why not add to other edit screens, also in view that for Credit and Debit notes this is in the ideas category?

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