Total cash amount in words

Hi, Is there any possibility of adding the total amount in words upon issueing cash receipts and payments to the customers and suppliers. E.g if the total payment is 25,000.00 then it should automaticall convert the total amount into words i.e “Twenty five thousand only” and it should reflect and relate to any translated language.

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this is available only for Sales Invoices.

Thanks for clarification and I’m aware of the sales invoices to include the amount in words, but I’m just advising to be included to both cash receipts and payments as well as its language preference if possible and applicable to most of the users.

It cannot be translated, as the software command involved returns results in English.

Noted, thanks.

I would like to request to add " [Total cash amount in words]" features at Receipt and Payment
Normally, we need amount in words for Debit and Credit voucher

Currently this is available only for Sales Invoices. However, more narrations will be adviced later by the technical team as far as they’re concerned.

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