Total amount in Number Custom Fields

the total amount in Number Custom Fields doesn’t appear .

If this is a question, and not a statement, then you need to post more information about what you done, including copies of the screens involved, along with details of what edition (Server, Desktop or Cloud) and version of Manager you are using

desktop version

I added many custom fields and chose to show in print, but when viewing the project from the projects section, no custom field appears in the display.

no contract value appear


Custom fields can appear in lists, as you have done in your first screen, but they are not totalled as the standard database fields are - so that is why there is no total

I am not sure what the last screen is showing - it looks like a report but no transactions have been included

it was totaled in version 23.3.1

im in project section and i press viwe on one of the projects to show the custom feild “contract value” but it dosnt appers

Have you clicked on the Hide Total Amount inadvertently?



i think its a bug showen after edit coulme update

OK, I was using a slightly older version.

When I updated to, the custom field is no longer listed

Seems like a bug :frowning:

Ah no, use the Edit Column to get it back


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But it no longers totals - so there is a bug after all

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Fixed in the latest version (23.3.6)

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