Custom reports to support custom fields formatting

I’m having some issues with custom reports:

  1. numerical data and dates (in custom fields) doesn’t respect the formatting I set in Manager’s general settings
  2. numerical data (in custom fields) don’t have subtotals (in case of grouping) and total

It seems, in general, custom fields don’t respect the format of Manager’s settings

#1: I can reproduce this, but only for custom fields. I’ll put this into bugs.

#2: Throughout the program, custom fields—whatever their format—are treated as information only. I would not expect a total, any more than I would for text, date, or image custom fields.


2# numbers in the summary screen are added. You can see the total at the bottom of the page. So it would be nice to have a total also in custom report.

Thanks a lot

What summary screen are you referring to? Whichever it is, that coding is built into the main program. There is no such coding built into a custom report. Standard number fields are added in reports because they are foreseeable. Custom fields are not.

Any numeric custom field shown as a column has a total at the bottom line. It’s a feature @lubos implemented six months ago, more or less.

Obviously, the same thinking was not applied for custom reports, which are not finished yet. Meanwhile, this topic is in bugs and @lubos will see it.


I’m going to move this into ideas. Mostly because I’m working on yet another version of custom reports which incorporates a lot of feedback from current iteration. Hopefully the upcoming implementation of custom reports will be final one.


Thanks @lubos. Any tentative date?