Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field

New custom fields do not appear in the Sales Invoice Totals by Custom Field report:

Kindly use screenshots to demonstrate.

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It’s working if you use

@Abeiku, @Mahfuzur_Rahman This happened after I upgraded to the new custom fields. I know the old custom fields work but it is now in obsolete features. I had to go back and recreate the old ones.

I’m working on Group By feature which will replicate these “totals” reports within individual tabs. It will be more flexible and will work across all tabs (not just sales invoices)


@lubos sales invoice totals by custom field is not working. i created a custom field and i raised sales invoice choosing the custom field i created but when i wanted to pull the report, the field i created was not there. did i miss anything?

Did you create a custom field for Sales Invoices or Sales Invoice Lines?

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i did both

It probably has to be a Classic Custom Field under Settings/Obsolete Features

It might be better to use the new Advance Query feature

thank you @Joe91
i found it under obsolete features and it worked