Total Amount in figure/word

please also add the total amount 5550 in Figure like five thousand five hundred and fifty only

Where do you want to see the total amount figures in words ?
Generally Financial Statements are only in figures as words consume to much space.

is it possible to see the “amount in words” on left side of total amount in numericals ??

Where ?

may be in the place where arrow mark shows in the below picture.

without using HTML Template editing

I’m just curious why that would be the least bit useful. It’s not as if this is a cheque or anything. How would an invoice that says “four thousand three hundree rupees” be any more informative than one that says “4,300.00”? What is the problem that spelling out the total will solve?

In some countries tax authorities require to disclose the total amount in both letters and figures

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Hi All ,
Any Solution for this amount in words to be display on left side of total

@smalihadi, you are responding to an obsolete, 4-year old topic. Amounts in words were added to sales invoices long ago. See the Guide: Create sales invoices | Manager.

Note that because of the functionality of the software language itself, the feature works only when the language preference is English.

Hi ,
In the invoice I have added a Narration field and in the print format footer I have to show the signature , as I have added in the print format but the additional field is not showing .

And the amount in words i have to show on the left side plus this narration field below that so that i will not go on next page

Did you define the custom field to show on printed documents? See

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Yes i have defined in the default print it is showing

S M A Hadi