Need to be write amount in Words on Sales Invoice

I am using Manager software for my accounts. When i make any sales invoice it shows amount in only numeric figures. I want it in words also. So please let me know how we can do this. Thanks


first of all thanks to every one in the community for support and making MANAGER application more user friendly.

I’m also looking for the above feature in sales invoice. can some one guide me in HTML how to insert the code for automatic conversion of amount into words.

The variable for balance due in words is called:

{{ balance_due_in_words }}

So just insert that somewhere in your HTML template.


i inserted the variable and it is converted. but another problem
i need the word “rupees only” side to that variable continously.

thanks a lot for helping me

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You should be able to find someone locally who knows HTML coding and can help you modify your invoices.

could you please tell where should we want to place the code in HTML template to get the Amount in words as exactly as you bring ??

along with that i want to know how you bought the “Authorised Signature” at the bottom of the page ?

Hello Lubos
Kindly help me inserting the variable suggested by you for Amount in words.
Where in the code should I insert this. Do I need to key-in some codes or just simple paste this anywhere.

I want the “Amount in words” should appear just below the Amount table.
Please Help !!