Too many Bank Reconciliations

I think this is me, but it seems like it’s workflow.

If I create a bank reconciliation for the 30th (let’s say one hasn’t been done yet for the month at all, yet it is an arbitrary date), manager will ask for a balance of the 15th, and various other dates and eventually show me “you account is reconciled”, but when I go back to the reconciliations area, there is a reconciled entry and possibly many entries that are not reconciled.

The problem with this is it is potentially creating 10, 20 or more reconciliations for a single period.

I pre-emptively state, I do realise when I go back into reconciliations that I can see they are still there not reconciled. I just think it would be better that if instead of creating entries that are not reconciled and then choosing to show me the last entry, wouldn’t it be more prudent to take me to the other end and show me what’s not and work to start clearing them?

I would like to propose several things:

  1. that instead of taking me to the page that says everything is reconciled (for a very finite date range—ie, as in the very last date), take me to the oldest of the reconciled accounts for the period in which I created the reconciliation and let’s start reconciling from there. Currently, entering one date can lead to entering in closing balances for a dozen dates and having one reconciled date and many that aren’t. Showing me “the very last date is now reconciled” when the rest aren’t, just isn’t useful.

  2. When you have a month of 20+ reconciliations when I only asked for one, currently you have to go into each and every date created by manager and delete each and every reconciliation that’s not required/wanted. Personally, I’d like to see one reconciliation a week or a month, but I am seeing almost daily.

This below screenshot, I had already gone into and deleted many in between dates, I would like a way of mass deleting them.

edit: I just found batch delete… AWESOME! LOL