Bank Reconciliation Issue

I’m working on a client’s account and got three months into it when something started going wrong with the bank reconciliation process. The first two months reconciled without any issues. Then the third month displayed the current month’s ending balance and the prior month’s ending balance. When I deleted the ending balance that didn’t belong there, it impacted the prior month reconciliation.

Anyone know what is going on?

before reconciling did you enter the necessary bank transaction for the period?
it looks like you have not or you have made a mistake with the amounts entered because there is a difference of $3475.86
you will have to check the bank transactions for the period first and then do the reconciliation.

Yes, I entered all the bank transactions through the reconciliation date of 03/16/2016. I’m working right off the bank statement so everything should reconcile. I’m just entering transactions and then going right to reconciling to get this historical stuff into the books.

I didn’t do anything different for the third month. It should have worked just like the first two months.

The difference you mentioned is the difference between the two ending balances, which should not be showing on the same page. Those two ending balances both show when I click on the View button for 03/16/16. Previously, when reconciling January and February there was only one balance showing.

To check my work I deleted all the reconciliations and started again. January reconciled. February reconciled. But March once again showed the screen with both February and March balances. What’s going on, why is this happening? Anybody have any ideas or, even better, a solution?

Break the reconciliation down into small time periods say 1 week apart and see which period becomes unreconciled. Instead of 3/16/2016 use 2/23/2016 with the corresponding balance for that date, then 2/29/2016 etc. Make sure you don’t have any transactions dated Feb 30 or 31.

Hi @Brucanna, thanks for the advice. As it turned out, there was an entry error that was hard to spot. Once I found it everything cleared up and fell into place. It just seemed odd to me the way the program handled it, but I’m getting more familiar with Manager as I go along. And I have to say, in spite of the minimalist approach the developer took in designing Manager, it’s a pretty slick piece of software. :wink: