Tip: CSV conversion tool for knab/ovchipkaart format to managerio

Looking for an alternative to the stone-age Gnu-Cash, a few days ago, I stumbled on this lovely piece of software called manager.io . In 15 minutes I had all basic functionality figured out, without once looking any documentation. Love it. To make the csv imports a bit less painful than they currently are, I decided to automate a part of it for my requirements. Anyone needing to convert knab.nl or ovchipkaart.nl csv formats to manager.io csv format, here 's something I slapped together last night. Note: I tried a few of the csv-qif converters out there, but found them to be broken or too complicated to customize, so I decided to stick to csv.

This may also be a useful template for anyone wanting to do the same for other input formats. If you’d like your changes / format added, just send me a pull request, or just send the code some other way.

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Welcome to Manager :slight_smile: I remember trialling out Gnu Cash about two years ago but was fortunate enough to find Manager and was immediately hooked! As you yourself have said, Manager’s biggest asset is its simplicity.

One tip that I can highly recommend is making use of groups and control accounts in chart of accounts to breakup the summary page into sections that work for you. Spending time on arranging your accounts on the summary page in my opinion makes the biggest difference. For example, I have broken up my expenses section into Client expenditure, Company Expenditure, Employee Expenditure and I have got Net Profit before tax and net profit after tax showing on summary page. Or if you want to see each bank account on the summary page - this can be done. This is one of the nicest features of Manager.

@lubos - I wonder if it would be worthwhile to create a new category called changing accounting programs or something like that and stick topics like this conversion tool in there as a lot of people have trouble exporting and importing data from one accounting program to another.