How to convert file to csv or excel file?

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I am planning to use quickbooks online and this is why I need to tranfer all my data from manager to their programme. However, they can only accept excel or csv files.

How to convert file to csv or excel file?

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To my knowledge you cannot convert the file to excel per se.

All you can do is export customers/suppliers/inventory etc. Click on each tab and look at the bottom and you will see an export button.

As a user that uses Manager and someone who trialled Quickbooks may I ask what the issue is with Manager that is prompting you to move to Quickbooks. I trialled Quickbooks and Manager a couple of years ago and went with Manager as it was by far simpler to use. I found Quickbooks was far too complex and had way too many features that I would never use or need. So I personally would never go with Quickbooks especially as their forums complained about lack of support a lot.

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be warned, check with intuit about the format of column and type of data should be arranged.

Thank you for your reply. The following are several reasons why I want to switch to Quickbooks online:

  1. it gives you the ability to attach images/ receipts to each transaction
  2. As a small business with only two users, Quickbooks online works out a bit cheaper than manager ( 10.50 GBP per month); Manager is better and cheaper if you have several businesses with multiusers
  3. Ability to convert data to CSV files which is recognised everywhere
  4. Quickbooks have short videos explaining evrything and as a visual learner I prefer watching instructional videos to reading
  5. It is more relevant to me being in the UK and almost all accountants are familiar with it. My accountant advised to switch to quickbooks as he is not familiar with manager

If you are referring to sending images/receipts to clients then yes, I don’t think that Manager can do this, however you are able to use the local attachement storage option in manager to save documents locally with each transaction

attach documents to transactions

@lubos I am sure will review this as I made the same mistake myself years ago when I was more competitive for bigger clients but too expensive for very small clients.

You can export the data to tsv which excel can open and then you can save as a csv. All you do is open excel, then tell it to open the tsv file and then do save as.

I agree with you on this point and I have made this point myself in the past. It is much easier for novices to follow a video tutorial rather than wading through ten pages of written instructions. Written instructions are useful however sometimes a video tutorial is far better.

Manager is universal in that it supports any country - there is nothing UK specific that Manager can’t do - I live in the UK as well and I have seen nothing that is UK specific that Manager is not capable of doing.

As for your accountant - what you need to bear in mind is what you use the accounting program for and what your accountant uses the accounting program for are two very different tasks. You should never make a decision for your choice of accounting program based on what your accountant wants.

In my opinion any accountant that expects their clients to move to their preferred program is just being lazy. All the accountants need is the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet which takes less than two minutes to create in Manager. In addition, viewing the expenses is easy as every account is on the summary page and is as easy as clicking on each expense and viewing the list. He doesn’t need to export anything into csv and then into his program.

You use the program every day, your accountant uses it once a year (unless he does your books). In short, your decision should be based on what you find simplest to use, not what suits your accountant.

One last consideration:

I have found the support for Manager to be absolutely top notch. I have however heard many people complain that Quickbooks support is notoriously poor and most people (myself included) found Quickbooks difficult to use, whereas I took to Manager like a duck to water.

Anyway good luck with whatever you decide.


I hope you will forgive me for commenting on your reasons. I am comparing my experience and knowledge with yours. I don’t think I have better or more. I just have different experience and knowledge because I have not been in the same places doing the same things as you.

  1. 100% true, that you can attach images and receipts to transactions in QuickBooks and cannot in Manager. I have never used this feature in QuickBooks, probably because (if I recall), when the feature first became available, you had to pay extra. I have not used QuickBooks online. I have only used QuickBooks Desktop.

  2. I reckon you have calculated the relative cost.

  3. I think TSV versus CSV files is a non-issue. Excel reads both and can save as both. I think TSV stands for Tab Separated Values. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. And that is the main difference, whether you use a tab character or a comma to separate the values in a row. You can view TSV and CSV files in Notepad and Word.

    These data files represent a table. The first line is commonly the headings of each column of the table. But you can also just have data without heading labels.

    Each row represents a line in the table which is the same as one record of data.

    So, if you have a table of customer data, you might prefer to use TSV because the customer’s address will have commas in it. But actually, having commas in a data field is not a problem for CSV files because quotes are used when there are commas in the data.

    In any case, Excel can read both and save as both. So, really, TSV versus CSV does not seem like an issue. But being able to import and export TSV or CSV files for more things in QuickBooks could be points in favor of QuickBooks.

  4. Videos are indeed nice. I find Manager so intuitive that I don’t feel the need for a lot of help.

  5. If you have a particular accountant whose services you are set on using, then makes sense that you would have to switch to something your accountant is willing to use. I think QuickBooks allows your accountant to make changes to your entries. Thus, your accountant might re-categorize your expenses to your advantage or to keep you out of trouble. Maybe your accountant will change an expense to an asset and depreciate it.