Importing Paypal Statements

I need to import Paypal statements as I use a mobile card reader for business transactions.
It can only be downloaded in CSV, Excel, PDF or TAB formats. When trying a CSV converter (to OFX) it was extremely confusing and was asking to enter information in “lines”.

Does anyone else use Paypal and need to import statements into Manager?

Is there an easier way to do it other than resorting to entering everything manually so your account makes sense as last time I tried a different format, it entered expenses as income and vice versa.

Don’t convert to OFX. Those conversion tools are unreliable. Have you tried importing CSV? Manager should support Paypal CSV format.

Make sure you are using the latest version as this has been added only 2 weeks ago.

I am using Manager 15.1.7 and unable to import CSV. I am getting error “File you are trying to upload has ambiguous date format”

I am using this tool to convert paypal .csv to .qif

It splits the .csv up into different currencies and puts it into .qif files.

ok will try that soon. thanks for the reply

how do you download the new version on a mac? do I just go to the download page on the website and click the one for mac?

Yes, click on the Download button in the Mac/Apple rectangle. A disk image will download. Double-click the disk image icon and a window will open with the Manager application. Drag it to your Applications folder. If you have an earlier version and MacOS asks whether you want to replace it, do so. The next time you open Manager, your Mac will probably tell you it was downloaded from the internet and ask if you want to open it. Answer yes. Nothing to uninstall. The new version will pick right up with the same data as your old version.

@emma_woodorth, can you just send the sample CSV file from Paypal to You don’t have to go through conversion process as CSV files should be supported.

Thanks buddy!

You can use this free online tool
It can convert most of the different CSV formats to QIF or OFX

I am having similar issues with importing PayPal CSV file. Manager doesn’t seem to want to recognize them unless i drastically change the CSV.

Is there a template somewhere that would let me know what layout Manager needs the CSV file to be in? or is it easier to just download Paypal CSV and convert to QIF and then import it?

Thanks for the help with this

Make sure you have the updated version first and then restart the program. I’ve been able to import csv files after doing this. The only downside is if you have a mobile card reader, it will give you 2 transactions (which throws off your balance as it thinks it’s a genuine credit). The first is the original amount invoiced for and the second is the amount received minus paypal’s transaction fees. It’s painstaking but you have to delete the first kind that I’ve mentioned and then your balance will add up. That’s how I’ve been doing it anyway.

Thank you for the response. Am currently using version 15.2.21.

I have been upgrading versions for over a year now to see if the features we need get added. Have read that PayPal CSV imports are now possible hence why i decided to give Manager a good try.

Maybe I should delete my install and download a fresh install to see if that works, instead off upgrading.

@emma_woodorth, not sure what you mean by mobile card reader. I’m sure this can be fixed if you send me your CSV file from Paypal and explain what do you get imported and how it should be really imported. You can send an email to Thanks.

Is there a correct format for the CSV file?

Love - beautiful piece of accounting software

Regarding papyal import from CSV - If you just download the paypal csv from the transaction list then try to import, the error is “Invalid character at position 1”

Manager 15.3.44

Any ideas? might be a header issue.

Ok, so here is what I did to mate it work.

Needed 3 column headings for the csv file to be imported.

  1. Date
  2. Description
  3. Amount

Then I could import the file.

Hopefully this helps someone.

I’ve been importing large files of monthly Paypal transactions in csv format for many months. While I don’t use a mobile card carder it is pretty complex because we have sales paid through multiple Ebay sites plus separate shopping carts and even the odd Paypal invoice of money request, so the full gamut, pretty much.

Anyway, you are right about the import format - that’s exactly the way we do it.

To make things a little less confusing we break up each transaction into fee and non fee lines so that the importing actually works and allocation out of suspense account is made more logical.

The massaging of data is a a little tricky as we delete a lot of redundant columns and concatenate data across columns of the spreadsheet in Excel. Not an exercise for the fainthearted though.

Hope that helps those doing this, or trying to.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: !

Yeah looks like the csv needs a lot of editing before import.
To be honest there’s so many different transaction types flying around in the PP account, it’ll take me a while to get my head around what’s happening.

I think I’ll take out the superfluous conversion entries, then make sure the account rolls forward from opening to closing balance (in excel), then do the import

How about QIF? Doesn’t Paypal allow export to QIF?